Friday, 31 October 2014

5 reasons why you just cannot afford to miss the Prithvi Theater Festival 2014

Source: Prithvi Theater

The Prithvi theater Festival 2014 is around the corner. And here's why you just cannot afford to miss it.

1) It is the Meeca of  the Theater World -
The best of the theater world finds itself at Prithvi for the festival. No, I am not exaggerating. The festival kicks off with Motley's Einstein and  yes, it is  being staged for the very first time. And trust me, it will be a while before the play will be staged anywhere else again.  The line up for festival, as always, is extremely brilliant with some of industry's finest theater groups performing during the festival. You can check out the list of the plays being staged during Prithvi Theater Festival  here -
Besides this, you can also enjoy the Rambo Circus and an acoustic music gig during the festival. And of course, get to interact with the great Om Puri and other great actors. Seems like Christmas came in early this year!

2) The Amphitheater 


Prithvi's charm lies in it's amphitheater. I love the fact that there is no stage to distinct between the performance area and the audience. And this is where Prithvi breaks the fourth wall between the actors and the audience. The proximity to the actors make you feel like you are a part of the play.

3) Instant brickbats and bouquets

Source: Kalki on Twitter

Where else would you find the director or the cast chilling right around the place after a performance. Go tell them what you liked or didn't like about the play, what could have been done better and what you interpret out of the play. I remember after a show of Nothing Like Lear, two members from the audience were discussing what they felt about a particular part of the play with the play's director Rajat Kapoor and he gave them such a patient hearing( Yes! I was eavesdropping and no, they weren't any celebrity or celebrity friends.) After all, who better to discuss your opinion about the play than the creators of the play themselves.

4) The Kadak Cutting Chai

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I know the Irish coffee at Prithvi is world famous. But go a little desi and try the cutting chai next time you visit Prithvi. And trust me, you will not be disappointed . I know hoards of college students who come just for the cutting chai to Prithvi Cafe every day! And yes, you may just find a Kalki Koechlin, Vinay Pathak or a Makarand Deshpande sitting right next to you at the cafe. Do pick up a conversation, they are extremely friendly. I guess it's the Prithvi atmosphere!!!

5) The warmth


Everything kept aside, I end up going back to Prithvi for the warmth it offers. My theater love has taken me to a lot of theaters all over Mumbai. And a good lot of them just reek of snootiness. But Prithvi is home. From the staff to the very atmosphere, everything is so welcoming. Prithvi , to me, epitomizes Mumbai. Just like people from different cities, backgrounds and classes find a place of their own in this city and end up calling it home, everyone finds a second home in Prithvi. You would find businessmen, college students, struggling actors, established actors, corporate honchos at Prithvi. And the place just engulfs each one of them in its warmth and love.

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